... Thank you for the copy of "The Catholic Priest Today." I watched it with a group of my priest buddies. There were five of us all total. We were very pleased with the video. My associate pastor viewed it and was similarly pleased. I am so very grateful for your efforts to highlight the many positive facets of priestly life today. There are so many priests like my friends and myself who labor day in and day out in the vineyard doing the Lord's work without seeking much recompense. We do it because we love the Lord and His people. I pastor a large parish with two schools, the biggest cemetery in our diocese and I work part time in the tribunal and as a canonical advisor to our bishop and priests. I am theological advisor to our local physicians' guild. I teach morality to our permanent deacon candidates. I give days of recollection, parish missions, talks on moral issues, do spiritual direction, occasionally celebrate Spanish Mass when a Hispanic priest is not available (like this weekend) and sit on the board of our co-owned high school. I don't believe that I am unusual. My brother priests also wear several hats. We love what we do. We are fathers to God's children and husbands of the Church. If I had a thousand lives to live I would live each one of them as a priest. I can't think of a better way to be closer to the kingdom of God. At a recent priests' retreat, the retreat master said that priests leave the priesthood for two reasons: (1) isolation and (2) lack of appreciation. "The Catholic Priest Today" is a step in the right direction towards encouraging priests that we are making a difference, that our lives matter to the Church (our bride).

I would appreciate having three more copies to share with my parish and the schools under my care. Thank you for all that you do to promote the priesthood of Jesus Christ.
- Fr. W. Curtis Mallet, Louisiana

What an outstanding video. I believe whole heartedly in the desire on the part of young people for a sense of the sacred. I have been ordained for 18 years and this DVD represents my understanding regarding the priesthood. I have felt alone in my thoughts but this DVD has been very reassuring for me that what I believe is on target with where the direction of the Church seems to be headed. Thanks for your inspiring work.
- Reverend Douglas J. Loecke, Iowa

3 great big cheers to you and your staff for the wonderful new priesthood video!
- Dennis D. Evenson, Pastor, Minnesota

"Just as the 'Fishers of Men' DVD introduced young men to the energy of Catholic priesthood, the 'Catholic Priest Today' DVD gives us a closer look into the blessed life, ministry, and mystery of Catholic priesthood. The 'Catholic Priest Today' will show audiences why young and vibrant priests are in love with their vocation, and that God's eternal call continues to beckon young men to a life of priestly sacrifice and courage in parishes, on campuses, and everyone God's love and mercy is needed. It is this love that brings the deepest joy one can experience."
- Msgr. James Bartylla, Director of Vocations, Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin

We would like to order 650 DVD's. We will use them in our parishes, for vocation talks, and in discernment retreats. We also plan to give them to potential candidates for seminary study for an insight into the life and beauty of the priestly vocation.
- Msgr. James Bartylla, Director of Vocations, Diocese of Madison, Wisconsin

"The Catholic Priest today" is a very useful dvd especially since it gives a deep insight into the life of committed priests and serves to answer initial questions people have when they think about the priesthood. Even though the ecclesial setting in Malta is somewhat different to what is experienced in the US, the dvd validly portrays the essentials of the priestly life and challenges the viewer to become involved. Thanks for your support.
- Rev. Fr Michael Bellizzi, Malta

We were shown this DVD today at our seminary, and it was a reaffirming point in what I am doing here at the seminary. Thank You for this! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MINISTRY!
- George D. Meyerson Jr., Holy Apostles College and Seminary

Just viewed with other priests and were very moved. Thank you so much for this wonderful contribution to the Church.
- Rev. Barry F Crochet, Louisiana

The Catholic Priest Today is an important step towards a more complete understanding of what it means to be a Catholic priest. This video will be a valuable tool for vocational recruitment in dioceses throughout the country. I have distributed many copies of this throughout the seminary community here, to people in my parish community, and to people who just want to know what the priesthood is about. I urge people to take time to watch this important message about ordained ministry in the church with the families and anyone who feels he may have a calling to priestly ministry.
- James Netusil, Student, Kenrick School of Theology, St. Louis, Missouri

Congratulations on your inspiring documentary, "The Catholic Priest Today." You have certainly captured the true essence of the priesthood and the REAL MEN serving Our Lord and His precious souls. Deep within every human being is a desire to know God, and these men truly sacrifice their lives to bring about that end. God bless you all, for your gift to His Church. May all people have the opportunity to view this marvelous TRUTH about our beloved priests! God bless you in your work. Praise be Jesus Christ.
- Nan Delaney, Wisconsin

I'm thinking about using this as a launching pad for discussion of priestly vocations in my school.
- Aaron D. Pidel, SJ, Louisiana

We have just launched a major year-long program entitled; "Risen Savior Family Commitment to the Priesthood". Your CD's will be very beneficial to our program. Thanks.
- Bill Parras, Risen Savior Vocation Committee, Albuquerque, New Mexico

We are Family Live Ministers and will see that our Vocations Committee sees this DVD.
- Brian L. Rogers, Nebraska

I would like to show this to our confirmation-age class, perhaps sparking some thoughts about vocations.
- Christopher J. Rodel, St Joseph Parish, Wisconsin

Thank you for your wonderful DVD! It is an informative and balanced look at the lives of Catholic priests today.
- Brittany Harrison, Salesian Cooperator, Illinois

I am a theology student at the Pontifical Scots College in Rome, studying for the priesthood. I have recently watched your film, and found it simply wonderful – it offers an inspiring and grace-filled portrait of the joys and challenges of the Catholic priesthood in the modern world. I would very much appreciate it if you could send me several copies for our seminary community. Thank you, and may Almighty God bless your work.
- Domenico Zanre, Pontifical Scots College, Italy

I'm hoping that this DVD will help a seminarian through a difficult time of decision.
- Eva E. Nardelli, New Jersey

I'm a confirmation year catechist in my parish and I'm interested to get a copy of The Catholic Priest Today DVD to encourage vocations in my class.
- Andrew Khoo, Malaysia

I am a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Detroit. This video is a great witness to what young men like myself are willing to offer to this world we live in. I highly recommend it to anyone who feels they may have a vocation to serve Christ and His Church. Thank you for offering this video, God bless you.
- Steve J. Mateja, Sacred Heart Major Seminary, Detroit, Michigan

God Bless you for your work!
- Thomas L. Gautsch, Tennessee

God Bless
- Travis M. Martin, Kentucky

As Catholic homeschoolers, we are always looking for new resources to teach our children about vocations. This video is a great tool to help our son understand the life of a priest. Thank you!!!
- Bill Wyatt, Virginia

I wanted to get this DVD for Father Jerome Koutnik who is our pastor at St. Peters church in South Beloit. He and Father Eric went to the seminary together and are good friends. Father Koutnik has been a wonderful shepherd to his people at St. Peters church in South Beloit. We love him. He is always at the school talking to the children about their faith and how much God loves them. They look forward to playing football with him at recess too! Thanks
- Mrs. Mary Jane Stephan, St. Peters Church, Illinois

I am teaching 7th and 8th grade religion at a Catholic school in Eerie PA and am very interested in getting a copy of your DVD. Thanks for the work you do. I pray that together we may receive for more 'workers for the harvest.'
- Marielle Lafaro, Pennsylvania

Fantastic video - great job!
- Mary E. Gibson, Church of St. John the Baptist, Minnesota

It's an excellent DVD, very attentive to the daily life of a Catholic priest, and inspiring to watch. My Confirmation students loved it and they're now more interested than ever in the religious life and the Catholic faith as a whole.
- Michael Delaria, California

I do vocations presentations to youth. Short, dynamic videos are great ways to reach youth.
- Denise Campagna, Oregon

Dear Sirs: I ordered some of your DVD's but now find myself needing more. We have Confirmation tonight and I have found out that some of these young men are feeling called to the priesthood. I would love to give them a DVD. They are hungry for information on the priesthood. I am also going to give them some CD's. Thank you sooo much for all of your work and may God continue to bless your ministry!
- Terrie Kallal, Illinois

Just this minute finished watching "The Catholic Priest Today" which someone left in my room earlier today. I remember well your enthusiasm about it as we walked through the torrential rain towards Times Square last summer. What do I think? Excellent!!!!! I'm preaching a retreat to priests up in Manchester next week. I'll show it to them, if, that is, whoever left it for me doesn't need it.
- Rev. Stefan Hnylycia, UK

Thank you so much for making this video. I will be showing it at the Middle School Religious Education classes and will have a discussion on vocations afterwards. God bless you for all that you do!
- Mary C. Muschelewicz, Most Blessed Sacrament Parish, Wisconsin

I viewed the DVD "The Catholic Priest Today" on line and it is wonderful. I am a member of Serra International and would like to use this DVD with our local club. I would also like to use it in my work with vocation awareness in my parish. Thank you for sending me a copy.
- Kathy Baumann, Wisconsin

The Catholic Priest Today glimpses into the heart of the renewal of the Church. This documentary witnesses the truth that priesthood transcends its life-giving function. I would especially recommend this video for men to whom the idea of priesthood has presented itself. If he comes to know more about priesthood through this video, imagine how much more he will learn in the seminary.
- Stephen Tatz, Diocese of Des Moines, Iowa

I am a Religious Education Coordinator at a Catholic High School for boys in Australia. Congratulations on this wonderful production which shows the priesthood and the Church in a very positive way. The personal testimonies of the priests interviewed is of particular value. The DVD also deals with the tough issues very openly and responds to many questions which students have regarding the Catholic Priesthood. A wonderful discussion regarding vocations took place in my class after showing this DVD. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the DVDs that you sent to me; they will continue to be used with the senior boys when looking at vocations during their RE lessons.
- Michael Romeo, Rostrevor College, Adelaide, Australia

What a fabulous documentary! It gives a real glimpse of the true joy that is found by those who have generously responded God's call. I received these copies to give to a couple young men who have been discerning the priesthood and they will in turn, pass them along to others who are discerning the priesthood as well. It is truly inspirational and is a tremendous source of encouragement. Thank you and God Bless
- Judith Ficek, Montana

I'm the spiritual director for the Cursillo Movement in my area and many come through our halls. I would like to spread the good news of the priesthood. The work of this website and the DVD on Priesthood has given me great hope and encouraged me in my service of God and His people. I am grateful that people like you have stepped up to the plate to become a beacon of hope in a troubled world. My prayer is that many others inform their consciences with the use of this website, to become better servants.
God bless you and keep you
- Rev. Ted J. Broussard, St Joseph Catholic Church, Louisiana

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